Restaurant Review: Wedge Issue

I recently found myself doing a whirlwind tour of Europe. While Paris, Munich, and Berlin were amazing, pizza havens they were not. But I ended the trip with a stint in London and previous trips had convinced me that great pizza was becoming a staple of the city.

Unfortunately, Wedge Issue isn’t one of them. I was traveling during our most recent US Presidential election, so a pizza place named Wedge Issue just seemed like kismet. I decided to enjoy lunch here hoping for a beautiful pizza, but what I found was a less than mediocre pizza and a restaurant staff in the middle of a spat.

Perhaps it was due to it just being the first few bakes out of the oven, but the pizza clearly suffered from an improperly heated oven. The top of the pizza crust came out colorless, while the bottom of the crust clearly had spent a few too many minutes in the oven. Even though I selected a pre-configured pizza from their menu, I ended up with a cheese pizza (with a really strong gorgonzola). I couldn’t find myself getting through more than a slice before I threw in the napkin and called it.

While Wedge Issue has a great name and nice decor, it won’t be a place I visit until they up their pizza game. Fortunately, my London pizza tour wasn’t over just yet. More on that to come in the next post.

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