Restaurant Review: Stuft Pizza

It’s a time honored tradition to have pizza and beer and Stuft Pizza is one of the best at combining these two loves of mine. And it just got even better.

Stuft has been around for 20+ years so they’ve had plenty of time to hone their pizza. I was originally hesitant because they opt for a thicker crust, but after my first experience, I’ve been thoroughly impressed by them. Their crust is light, airy, and slightly crispy, which makes it easy to go for another slice. I ordered the Monroe (mozzarella, parmesan, ricotta cheeses. red onions, fresh garlic) which¬†hit the spot after a few beers.

Oh did I mention the beer? While their beer selection has always been something to talk about, they’ve stepped it up a notch now with the opening of the IBU Taproom. A combination of bottleshop and taproom, IBU offers a great selection of beers for those looking for something above the typical craft beers. If you’re there, ask Ravi to walk you through the beers and he’ll help match you up with the right one.

Finally, a quick update on rain :). I’ve always brought the rain with me, and now the data shows it!

Let’s not bother to look at the data any other way. I’m fine with two data points being conclusive.

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