Restaurant Review: Zume Pizza

So if the Bay Area has plenty of one thing, it’s technology. And when you combine technology with pizza, you get Zume.

If you were to visit their site, it would look like any other pizza delivery company. Fresh, high quality ingredients, fast delivery, and all at an affordable price. But if you’ve been following the tech blogs, there’s more thing that Zume has: robots. That’s right, Zume is attempting to break into the world of pizza delivery with the assistance of robots. By automating various aspects of the pizza making process, Zume hopes to shift budget towards higher quality ingredients and even more forms of automation.

When I first heard of Zume from Karen, I imagine a Johnny 5-style robot in the kitchen tossing dough and making my pizza. But then my dreams were dashed when I saw the actual video of how it works today. It turns out there’s still a lot of human involvement. A human needs to stretch the dough, top it, cut it, pack it, and deliver it. The current automation handles saucing it and transferring it to the oven. Not a lot of automation, right? Well hopefully the company can make progress towards it’s vision to truly automate their process.

But really what this post should be about is the pizza and I was pleasantly surprised by it. Granted I discounted my expectations greatly as it was still a delivered pizza but even then it’s one of the better delivered pizzas; well above Dominos, Papa John’s, and any other chain. The leoparding on the crust was beautiful and the toppings were fresh and delicious. I would have preferred the crust to have a little more crunch to it, because it was sagging all the way to edge when I picked it up.

Unfortunately, their delivery radius is pretty small right now. As they expand I would definitely recommend this to anyone needing a quick fix because on top of being tasty enough, it was only 23 minutes from order to delivered. That beats almost all food delivery options out there with the exception of Jimmy Johns.

Watch the video and be amazed by where we are heading.

Oh and Zume’s not the first one to tackle this problem and definitely not the most automated. I believe that award goes to “Let’s Pizza”. Here’s a video of their contraption from 2012:

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