Restaurant Review: A Slice of NY

What better way to explore a new city than through pizza? Well technically it’s not a new city as I’ve been here a ton of times, but now that it’s “home” I need a way to make it my own. And yes I’m sure some people believe there are plenty of better ways to explore a new city than through pizza, but those people are just delusional :).

A Slice of NY has long been on my list for San Jose, but for no good reason, I’ve just never been here. I discovered this place when Karen sent me an article about the best pizza in Silicon Valley. The author’s writing style and cockiness about good pizza piqued my interest. Maybe this guy was legit.

So I hopped in the car this afternoon and headed over. You could easily drive passed this place thinking it’s just another in the long list of places claiming to offer a New York slice and I definitely judged this book by its cover at first sight. But I kept my trust in a blogger I had never met before and walked in. The place was covered in a smattering of NY flair subway station signs to maps of the city. Definitely trying to drive home the NY ambience.

The pizzas were appropriately sized with their “small” coming in at 21″ and their large at 23″. I ordered up a slice of the ASONY Margherita and the mushroom. First the meh – the mushroom pizza wasn’t all to exciting or interesting. The pizza was thicker than the margherita and just too soggy. The highlight of the trip was their margherita. Keeping things simple but putting in a healthy amount of garlic really made my day. The slice folded well (a must for any claim to be NY) and there was just enough of a crunch to keep the pizza together.

All in all – it definitely reminded me of roaming the streets of NY with a slice in my hand. While it doesn’t beat a real NY slice (but that would be near impossible), I consider it more than acceptable for a city that’s 3,000 miles away.

A Slice of NY
3443 Stevens Creek Blvd

As a fun aside, I’m notorious for bringing rain when I came to visit the area, so here’s hoping that my staying here will bring an end to this drought that has plagued the area. If the clouds from the first photo are any indication, I may just save this city :).


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