Falling Slowly – Shiitake, Zucchini, Fresh Mozzarella, and Black Truffle Oil

I recently came across “Falling Slowly” on my playlist and it brought back fond memories, so I thought about what kind of pizza matches this song. Cue theĀ Falling Slowly pizza.

When I hear the song, I just think of a moor-ish setting somewhere in the grassy knolls of some small town in Northern England where it’s always Fall all year round. So I wanted to go with more earthy ingredients on this one that really bring out the sense of the Fall season.

When I think Fall, there are two ingredients that are a must for me: mushrooms and zucchini. And to add a little more depth to the pizza, I went with some fresh mozzarella and topped off the pizza with black truffle oil right out of the oven.

In a word: divine. I love shiitake mushrooms and the zucchini just add a bit of texture that really drove the Fall season home. I think next time, I’ll try to explore more types of less than common mushrooms.

Oh and I can’t let this post go with out calling out that crust! Look at the air in the crust and just the right amount of char on the bottom. I was really satisfied with this pizza. Launching this pizza at 660F really is the right temperature.

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