Restaurant Review: Doppio Zero

It’s not my first encounter with Doppio Zero, but it’s definitely been my favorite one.

Being back in the Bay Area was tough for some personal reasons, but I couldn’t let it keep me from pizza. So after work I hopped over to Castro St. in Mountain View with some family to check out if Doppio had gotten any better. My last encounter there was met with a so-so pizza that didn’t really amaze me. The toppings were great, but the crust left a lot to be desired.

But I guess on this night, the pizzaiolo was on fire. Despite being a bustling Thursday night, we were able to get seated pretty quickly and ordered up a nice bottle Brunello. As we started hunting through the menu, the Fungho caught my attention again. It’s the same one I had last time, so I had to give them another shot. I almost went with the Pesto one because of the extra chiles, but the waitress quickly dissuaded me by explaining that it was the boring pizza. I don’t know how a pizza could be boring with fresh pesto and calabrian chiles, but I couldn’t be the guy ordering the boring pizza.

So we ended up with the La Paesana and the Fungho. When the pizzas came out, I was pretty surprised. The crust looked nothing like the last time I was there. I had to guess that the Wed. night crew is the B-team compared to the Thursday night crew. We went straight into the pizza and it was fantastic. It was more of your American style Neapolitan, so drier and crispier than something you would find in Naples. But still thoroughly enjoyable. And the Fungho…that truffle oil…I mean…come on….no words.

I had originally put Doppio Zero very low on my list, but after Thursday’s excursion I can confidently put it back in the top tier. It’s one of the places I would recommend for folks visiting or living in the San Jose area.

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