Restaurant Review: Frēlard Pizza Company

While I’ve been mostly disappointed by the pizza in Seattle, I remain optimistic that I’ll find something I enjoy. And I’m glad I’ve kept trying. I recently trekked out to an area between Fremont and Ballard and found myself at Frēlard Pizza Company.

Owned by Ballard Pizza Company, the name comes from their spot being on the border between Fremont and Ballard. I find it difficult to classify this pizza but it’s something of a mix of NY style and Brooklyn style. The thin crust has a nice crunch to it and the large size can easily feed a party of 4. The only lackluster moment is that the cornicione is basically as flat as me at karaoke. If they could get a little more air into their crust, I think they would have a blockbuster on their hands.

I also opted for their flat bread appetizer, but found the bread just too chewy to truly enjoy. But given their proximity to variety of amazing breweries in the Ballard area, I would recommend the pizza as a mid or post food break during a brew tour.

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