Boot camp and Bake – the healthy way to eating pizza

Being back in front of a 800F oven has been great. Watching my creations come to life right before eyes just makes me smile.

But I’ve been plagued with a question recently. How do I get back into shape while still enjoying the pizza that I love. After minutes of painstaking research and reading online, I discovered if you’re going to eat, you have to workout too.

So this week, I tried something new. Instead of just inviting folks over for a pizza on Tuesday, we first went to a Bike Bootcamp. I was thinking it was just going to be a typical spinning class, but I was wrong. We were switching between spinning and weights, which was a new experience. But that meant when we were done, I was spent and ready for some pizza.

Another tip for those embarking on a Bike and Bake. Don’t go to the grocery store after the workout. We definitely bought out the store when we got there, so it probably would work out better if I had gone to get toppings the day before.

But here are the creations:

The shiitake pizza was amazing and quickly rising up to be in my top five. I usually go with portabello mushrooms, but I have to grill those to get the moisture out of them. With the shiitake, I could just slice them up and throw them on. And truffle oil…well do I need to say more?

But at the end of the meal, my legs and abs were sore and my belly was full. Mission accomplished.

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