Garlic, broccoli, and fauxsage for dinner

For my meat-eating friends this pizza will be sacrilege. Yes, I used fake sausage on the pizza and it was good.

I’ve been playing around again with a lower heated oven, so tonight I went with a dough that included EVOO and sugar to help with the browning. I got my Blackstone up to a nice even 600F and cooked the pizza for a good 5-6 minutes. I left it in the oven for probably 1 minute too long, so while still delicious I ended up with a drier crust than I would have preferred.

For the toppings, I opted to go with some broccoli, garlic, and fake sausage that was in the fridge. Garlic+Broccoli is always a winner and you can never have too much garlic. I decided to throw in the fake sausage since it was sitting in the fridge for a while and I needed to use it. For the meat-eaters, you definitely want to switch to the real stuff, but for the vegetarians it adds a great bit of additional texture to the pizza.

Check out the results and dough recipe below:

Dough Recipe for 2 – 13″ pizzas¬†

Ingredients grams tsp
AP Flour 412.29
Water 62.00% 255.62
IDY 1.50% 6.18 2.06
Salt 3.00% 12.37 2.17
EVOO 3.00% 12.37 2.72
Sugar 3.00% 12.37 3.09
Total (g) 711.2
Per ball (g) 338.67

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