Throwback Sunday – Bell peppers and Onions

What better way to spend an overcast Sunday than making a pizza? I decided to relive my childhood with a bell pepper and onion pizza. Growing up when we made or ordered pizza, we always had to have one with bell peppers and onions. It was the definition of pizza for my childhood. And yeah there are some tomatoes on there too, but that’s just because I had some leftover.

I also decided to try a different type of dough than my classic Neapolitan dough. I went with a higher hydration (65%) and threw in some sugar (4%) and oil (4%). The sugar and oil are there because I was going with a lower heat (650F) in the oven and wanted to get a nice browning on the crust. The dough was a lot wetter than I’m used to, but came out fantastic.

Here’s the dough recipe to make a 13″ pie:

Ingredients  Percentage grams
AP Flour
Water 65.00% 125.93
0.80% 1.55
Salt 3.00% 5.81
EVOO 3.00% 5.81
Sugar 3.00% 5.81


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