The Leftover Pizza

Enjoying a nice Labor Day so I decided to throw together a quick pizza for lunch. I usually try to put more thought into the type of pizza I want to make, but I figured today I would keep it simple and go with the “fridge-cleaner”.

I had a dough ball leftover from this weekend’s pizza night, so I was already set there. Now if you talk to any professional pizza maker they’ll tell that dough balls have a precise use/expiration date. That is sort of true in that there is an ideal time to use your dough ball depending on the amount of yeast, the storage temperature, and other environmental conditions. But I’m here to tell you unless you’re entering a world pizza competition, you can have a relatively wide window to use your dough ball. I’ve gone as far as 4 days past the best use by date on my dough balls with acceptable results. You will get diminishing return on the resulting quality, but you’ll still get a pizza you’ll enjoy.

For today’s pizza, I grabbed all the remaining veggies from my fridge and filled up the pizza with as much as I could. I forgot to use the baby corn last Saturday, so I had plenty of those. Check out the pizza below and let me know what you like on your pizzas.


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  1. Karen says:

    I see someone is open to the idea of corn as a topping these days… 🙂

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