Restaurant Review: Bombay Pizza Co.

Wait, didn’t I just review this place? Turns out on a trip down to Sugar Land that there was a Bombay Pizza Co. next to where I’m staying. But this is Bombay Pizza Company while the other place was Bombay Pizza House, completely different. There’s no connection between the two places.

Located in yet another a strip mall, the similarities between the two places quickly end. This place doesn’t do regular pizzas, just Indian pizzas. Additionally, they offer burgers and pastas; all with an Indian twist.

I opted today for a Mr. Nehal’s pizza, which consists of tandoori paneer, bell peppers, and onions. The place was empty for lunch today so I didn’t have to worry about the wait time. It took about 10 minutes and I was surprised by what I got.

While earlier Indian pizzas were too heavy in the dough, this was barely had a whisper of a crust. I believe the dough was basically just flour, water, and sesame seeds. No yeast, so no rise. It was also rolled out similar to what I expect with various types of unleavened Indian bread. The bottom of the crust was a nice balance between crunchy and soft, but it was just too thin. Also, since it’s unleavened, there’s not real crust. It’s more like a big tostada, than anything. What would be considered the crust was burnt and just unappealing.

Finally the toppings were a solid 5 out of 10. It was a healthy portion and flavor profile was good but lacking any heat that I would like to see in Indian food. They did add a bit of pickled ginger, which added a nice contrast.

Overall I just didn’t feel like I was eating a pizza. It was more like a toasted roti with tandoori paneer and mozzarella. I appreciate what the owner is trying to do, but I would really like to see a better crust. At $9 for an 8″ pizza, it’s a little on the pricier side of what I’ve seen, but just barely.

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  1. Karen says:

    I think you need to make another Indian pizza now!

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