Restaurant Review: Bombay Pizza House

Bombay Pizza House offers a classic hand-tossed pizza with a unique take on toppings. I’m a huge fan of eclectic pizza toppings and have made a few pizza with Indian toppings. So when Karen suggested checking out Bombay Pizza House and their Desi pizzas, I had to jump on it while down in San Jose.

Located in Fremont, CA, Bombay Pizza House sits inside a small strip mall full of Indian markets and restaurants. Once inside I take a look at the menu and see that they offer both Premium and Desi Premium Pizzas. Their Premium Pizzas are your traditional pizzas, but I focus myself on the Desi pizzas.

Chili Paneer…good. Shahi Paneer…good. Achari Gobhi…nice! We order a half Shahi Paneer/half Achari Gobhi to get some variety (note: halfsies are only for large and x-large pizzas). To complete the experience, I go ahead and order a pint of Kingfisher.

After about 20 minutes, the pizza arrives and it looks great. A healthy portion of toppings all over the pizza. But alas the pizza looks about 1cm from being a Pizza Hut deep dish. My hopes of an amazing pizza are deflated, but I give it a chance.

The flavor is amazing. The Shahi Paneer has enough spice to heat the tongue but not make a grown man cry. The Achari Gobhi is delicious, but the cauliflower is a little dry for my taste. But I kept finding myself distracted by that crust. At almost an inch thick, I made it through a slice and half before I felt the brick of pizza in my gut and threw in the towel.

Bombay Pizza House definitely knows how to bring out the flavor, but a thick crust ends up being their downfall. I don’t plan on going back anytime soon.

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