A return to Neapolitan

It’s been a crazy couple months but I finally had a return to the pizza oven this week. It’s been ages since I baked up a nice Neapolitan pizza, so on my way home today I walked by the grocery store and picked up a couple of things.

Today’s creation is not a new one for me, but it’s still just as delicious as I remember – baby broccoli, garlic, and crushed red pepper.

Now when it comes to garlic, I often see people mince up the garlic and then try to sprinkle it on the pizza, but that never ends well. Folks usually end up with 3 or 4 large blotches of garlic on the pizza. There’s nothing wrong with an occasional bite full of garlic, but why not enjoy it in every bite? I’ll typically mix the garlic with a bit of olive oil and then mix it into the shredded cheese. So when I sprinkle the cheese on to the pizza, the garlic is nicely spread out across the pizza.

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